Join the Bioconductor Community Advisory Board

Each year the Bioconductor Community Advisory Board (CAB) puts out a public call for new board members. This post tells you more about what the CAB does and how you can apply to become a member.


Kozo Nishida

Matt Ritchie


February 1, 2022

The Bioconductor Community Advisory Board (established in 2020) is seeking nominations from new members.

The board’s goal is to coordinate training and outreach activities that serve the global Bioconductor community and to ensure that interactions between community members are productive and respectful at all times.

We were asked what the CAB looks like at last year’s BioC2021 “Meet the CAB” session. You can see the recording of this presentation on YouTube above.

A transcript of Questions and Answers from this presentation is summarised on the CAB introduction page on

If you have further questions about how the CAB works, you can also ask them interactively in our community Slack (via the channel named community-advisory-board) or by emailing the current board (cab at

Also see this post on the Bioconductor Support Forum from Lori Shepherd (CAB Secretary) for instructions on how to apply to become a CAB member. Applications for the current round close on 25th Feb 2022.

We look forward to receiving your nomination!