Bioconductor Carpentries instructors Year 1

An update on the Bioconductor Carpentries global training program - applicants selected for Year 1


February 24, 2023

We are excited to welcome the Year 1 intake of instructor trainees for our Bioconductor Carpentries global training program! 🎉

Eighteen applicants have been selected for Year 1, they are shown below, in the interactive map and listed alphabetically in the table.

Selection of applicants

We have been thrilled to receive many excellent applicants. We initially had mainly applicants from Europe, however, because we aim to provide a global distribution of instructors to support the global community, we’ve been working to increase applicants from other areas such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. Other aspects we have been taking into account for selection are, previous R/Bioconductor experience, organising experience, languages they can teach in, and how they intend to contribute to Bioconductor teaching. For Year 2, we aim to select some applicants in Latin America, as we currently have none there, aswell as applicants from other areas. We will be selecting for Year 2 in July and you can still apply in this form if you’re interested.

Training of selected applicants

The Year 1 applicants are onboarding now and are at different stages of the process. The first step is attendance at an online Carpentries instructor training workshop, followed by completing 3 checkout tasks (teaching demo, discussion, lesson contribution) within 3 months after the workshop. So far 3/18 trainees have completed the Carpentries certification - Fabricio Almeida-Silva, Leo Lahti and Charlotte Hutchings 👏👏👏. Once certified, the instructors will teach/co-teach one of the Bioconductor Carpentries Modules within one year of certification. We connect with the trainees at the monthly teaching meetings and in the Bioconductor Slack group. We are looking forward to working with all of the new instructors and supporting them to provide Bioconductor training to the global Bioconductor community.

We are grateful to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s EOSS program for funding this initiative.

Update May 2023: Due to changes in availability, Mercilena Benjamin has been replaced by Roberto Alvarez-Martinez. This change was made prior to Mercilena’s commencement of the instructor training program.

Year 1 Bioconductor Carpentries instructor trainees

Name Affiliation Location
Almut Lütge University of Zürich, Departement of Molecular Life Sciences Zurich
Anand Ruban Agarvas University Hospital Heidelberg Heidelberg
Charlotte Hutchings University of Cambridge Cambridge
Chia Sin Liew University of Nebraska-Lincoln Nebraska
David Shih University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Fabricio Almeida-Silva VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology Ghent
Givanna Putri Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research Melbourne
Javier Carpinteyro Ponce University of Maryland Maryland
Leo Lahti University of Turku Turku
Marie Hidjo African Institute of Biomedical Science and Technology Harare
Oliver Crook University of Oxford Oxford
Pageneck Chikondowa African institute of Biomedical Science and Technology Harare
Roberto Alvarez-Martinez Universidad Autonoma de Querétaro Querétaro
Rodrigo Arcoverde Cerveira da Silva Karolinska Institute Stockholm
Sehyun Oh City University of New York New York
Umar Ahmad Bauchi State University Gadau
Zedias Chikwambi Chinhoyi University of Technology Chinhoyi
Zuguang Gu German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg